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Extremely comfortable insole now fitted with Air Bubbles

Ultra light weight & highly adaptive to reduce muscle fatigue.

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5% of your purchase goes to empowering women in underserved communities.

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We are loved by many!

"Amazing innovation! A potential partnership would be great for our business"

Adriana Quintero

"The planet appreciates you for this innovation (Africa Innovation Week)"

by Dennis Kibirev

"Promise kept, a dependable brand, 10/10!"

by Yewande Adebowale

"I sooo love your innovation, converting plastic wastes to shoes."

Carla Stones

"Salubata is a brand I hold close to my heart. A brand that can stand beside many global brands. Their eco-friendly journey is also revolutionizing!

Arinze Orizu

"Customizable shoes from this startup could help stamp out plastic wastes"

Prachi Patel (IEEE)

"Let me know when you guys move to Canada. I need a pair right away! I love your innovation"

Betty Righer (Microsoft)

Our journey to circularity

Hurrayyyy!!! You can now own your magical shoes as NFTs on