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Extremely comfortable insole now fitted with Air Bubbles

Ultra light weight & highly adaptive to reduce muscle fatigue.

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5% of your purchase goes to empowering women in underserved communities.

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We are loved by many!

"Amazing innovation! A potential partnership would be great for our business"

by Adriana M. Quintero (Anthesis Group) on 27th May 2021

"The planet appreciates you for this innovation (Africa Innovation Week)"

by Dennis Kibirev on 13th November 2020

"Promise kept, a dependable brand, 10/10!"

Yewande Adebowale on June 2021

"I sooo love your innovation, converting plastic wastes to shoes."

by Carla Stones (President, Delaware World Trade Centre) on 25th May 2021

"Salubata is a brand I hold close to my heart. A brand that can stand beside many global brands. Their eco-friendly journey is also revolutionizing!

by Arinze Orizu on June 21st 2021

"Customizable shoes from this startup could help stamp out plastic wastes"

by Prachi Patel (IEEE) on 21 December 2020

"Let me know when you guys move to Canada. I need a pair right away! I love your innovation"

by Betty Righer (Microsoft) on 29th May 2021

Our journey to circularity

Hurrayyy! We are launching our proprietary NFT marketplace in January 2022 for limited edition versions of our patented modular shoes made from recycled plastic wastes. Subscribe to be the first to own the limited edition.