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Completely repurposed from plastic wastes, feathery shoes (only 0.5kg), extremely comfortable insole & now fitted with air bubbles.

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5% of your purchase goes to empowering women in underserved communities.

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SALUBATA: Better Shoes. Better World. Zero Waste.

The plastic plague all over the world is visible and inescapable.

In one year alone, over 381 million [metric tons] of plastic waste is produced around the world, the sad part is, just only about 9% of these waste has never been recycled. 

Our background in environmental science and in shoe design soon collided when we found out that the average weight of a sneaker is around 0.5 kilograms, which is about the same volume of plastic waste each person in a city creates daily.

So we thought, Why can’t we convert these plastic waste into shoes? Shoes, which cannot only made from recycled plastic wastes alone but also magical?

This led us to creating these game-changing shoes which are aesthetically appeasing and gives you a unique:

* Magical Experience: This patented technology allows you to experience a new form of magic! Only that, now, you’re the magicianYour feet can now finally breathe: due to our unique knit pattern, these shoes are constantly aerated to prevent your feet from smellingAnd so, right now, you would not need to wash your shoes with bare hands anymore! You can now readily detach the upper part and throw each in a washing machine.

* Save space everywhere: This modular component helps reduce the volume of luggage you carry, especially those times you travel and a final goodbye to the loads of shoe boxes you store in your houses. With these shoes, you can now travel lighter. All you need is one sole and you could change to as many colors and designs as you like.

* Because these are everyday shoes meant to be worn for long times during the day, we have taken another extra step by infusing Air Bubbles in the shoes for extreme convenience. This would give you a feeling of walking on clouds. Insoles of which are optimised for ultra light weight, highly adaptive to reduce muscle fatigue, lowers heart rate and intended to fit your dynamic lifestyle and healthful needs.Now, you don’t have to ever buy an extra shoe again!

* These shoes are designed to last for a lifetime; so, you’re not only helping people and the environment but also saving a huge cost. Don’t worry, each new design we release is strategically intended to fit your size. You are also helping the world reduce its carbon footprint by wearing less soles - soles designed to last a walk of 600km- 3.5 times the length of a Mont Blanc Marathon before wearing out, while you wear more shoes at almost no cost. You don’t have to worry about the cost for every time you need a new shoe as you’d be paying way below 5 times less the cost of the initial shoes. Breathe fresher air: For every shoe you purchase, you’re contributing to removing over 159.6kg of CO2 from your environment- that’s an equivalent of the energy expended in loading your washing machine with a full wash of up to 2 years!

* Our brand name "SALUBATA", is of a West African origin that means "shoes that never wear out". The zip lines that firmly holds your shoes together is what does the magic; they never get ruined even when you decide to catch a moving train or you need to hurry in a cab.We have also designed another version of these beautiful full shoes which are without zips intended to give you superior satisfaction just like the customisable ones

*** We also realise we wouldn’t have real impacts if we don’t help the communities around us, because the downhill impacts of these pollutants affects people in the underserved communities the most, especially the women. So, we decided to commit 5% of the profit of every shoe you buy to the cause of empowering women in these communities. 


We are loved by many!

"Amazing innovation! A potential partnership would be great for our business"

Adriana Quintero

"The planet appreciates you for this innovation (Africa Innovation Week)"

by Dennis Kibirev

"Promise kept, a dependable brand, 10/10!"

by Yewande Adebowale

"I sooo love your innovation, converting plastic wastes to shoes."

Carla Stones

"Customizable shoes from this startup could help stamp out plastic wastes"

Prachi Patel (IEEE)

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