Meet modular shoes knitted from recycled plastic wastes!

- 5 trillion plastics still floats in our oceans

- More than 381 million tonnes of plastic wastes produced per year

- More than 90.5% of these plastic wastes have never been recycled

  • Save Planet

    Over 381 million tonnes of plastic wastes produced annually, 90.5% of these plastics wastes never been recycled! (plastics are converted to plastics = more plastics!;). This is how we convert every 5kg of your bottle water used to magical shoes which keeps you walking to a cleaner globe. Lastly, engrave your name as one of the heroes who helped saved our world from global pollution.

  • Save Money

    We've enabled you wear more shoes only on one sole, with freedom of choice of designs and colours you can decide to alter at any time. We are helping you spend ridiculously less, wear more 'shoes', and turn up your swag!

  • Save Lives

    Help save the 100 million children go hungry/year = ~ 280,000 children starved/day and 3 children starved/second. We understand that plastic pollution finds its way to harming children in underserved region downhill, and hunger, a nightmare in these regions. So we've committed 5% of the cost of the shoes you purchase to feeding children and empowering women these regions.


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